Monday, February 21, 2011



Kate Monster: Whose life sucks more, Brian’s or mine?

Rod and Nicky: Ours!

All: Is there anybody here it doesn’t suck to be?

When reflecting on one’s life for assessment purposes, it would be helpful to NOT do it while listening to the Avenue Q soundtrack.

All: Sucks to be me.

All: Sucks to be you.

All: Sucks to be us!

From the mouths of puppets spring demoralizing truths(?). However, there is a bright spot.

All: …But not when we’re together.

Yes, friends are rays of light. And it could be worse. You could be a young deer in the middle of hunting season.

(Shadenfreude, also a song from Avenue Q)

Luckily, I’m not doing any serious reflecting today. Therefore, today, I find the soundtrack quite entertaining. I think Avenue Q came to mind today because I was watching Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (I don’t know why, so don’t ask), and there was a Gary Coleman reference. Sadly Avenue Q closed on the West End last year, and I did not get a chance to see it on Broadway either. I think it’s back Off Broadway…

With all of this free time I have on my hands, you would think (truthfully, I had hoped) that I would use it to catch up on some reading that I’ve been meaning to do. But, no. I’ve found myself plopped on my sister’s sofa, glued to the television screen. Oh, I’ve seen such gems as the afore-mentioned Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Couples Retreat (really questioning my taste in films right now) and episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place and iCarly (did you know the Jane Lynch had/has a role as Sam’s mother?)—only the highest quality of distractions for me! I did find on the dvd shelf (sadly, these have replaced bookshelves in people’s homes) season 1 of Little House on the Prairie that I sent as a gift to my nieces and nephew. I don’t know what I was thinking at the time—perhaps a desire to instil wholesome, Western, Christian values… Ok, I could not even type that a straight face, but I can guarantee that it was done with love. I found the dvds still wrapped in plastic, so you could tell how talented I am at selecting popular gifts. I also sent them a hardback copy of the book Little House on the Prairie. When I asked about it, my sister told me it was on the top shelf of her closet (a result of bookshelves being replaced with dvd shelves) because it was an anniversary edition and needed to be protected. Well, I did what any loving uncle who found a series of dvds he sent still wrapped in plastic on a dvd shelf that took the place of a bookshelf would do. I opened the package, put the first dvd in the player and forced one of my nieces to watch it with me. Yes, someone is going to learn to love little Melissa Gilbert as Laura Ingalls… and learn those wholesome values.

Is it me or did the little Kerry Ingalls resemble a young Wookie with her wild hair? Every time she had a line, she sounded like a baby Chewbacca: Mwaaaaaaaaggggggrrrrrrhhhhhhhh!

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bmac said...

every time my sister watches little house, she cries during the opening credits as laura runs down the hill in slow motion. i'm not sure why, it's not nostalgia, we didn't watch it as childen (it was on at the same time as scooby doo).

anyway, love you.