Sunday, February 13, 2011

Endorphins, Patience and Optimism

Endorphins, Patience and Optimism

I am becoming a real social dud. It's very bitter-sweet for me. I'm getting back into running mode, and that means adios to the late nights on the weekend because there is an early run waiting for me in the morning. I kind of like it, though. As much as I hate getting up to run in the mornings, there is something very satisfying about a good, long run in the morning... Endorphins. However, I really miss people.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. And like it or not, celebrate it or not, you cannot help but reflect on that special person that is (or is not in many cases) in your life. It can make you smile, or it can make you feel really sad. As Grace Adler put it, "...this whole day, it's like an evil conspiracy created by the greeting card people and the flower people and the candy people. Well, not the candy people, they do God's work. :-)"

I was chatting with a friend in DC earlier today, and he asked me about my Valentine's Day plans. My response was I did not have any. I asked him about his plans. His response was he did not have any, but there was still time yet. Love the optimism. Well, my optimism today left me with a bland meat loaf. (I'd rather not elaborate on that one. I'm sensitive about food fiascos.)

But there is still time. I've been learning to be patient. Let me work on my optimism as well.


Robyn said...

Lets have a Will and Grace-athon after the break x

Timothy said...

Yes, we should. That would be fun. In the past, a roommate and I would have a Will & Grace night once a week.