Monday, February 28, 2011



Who is Randy Newman sleeping with that enables him to continue to get Academy Award nominations for his grating songs? His music repels me; it is one of the main factors that contributes to my avoidance of the Toy Story franchise. I was super exited about seeing The Princess and the Frog until I found out he wrote the songs and score. I did go see it. Seeing Disney’s first princess of African heritage won out over my dislike of Mr Newman’s musical style.

The super-sappy songs of friendship and/or love for pets and/or love for a toy do not sit well with me. The lyrics to his songs are too sentimental and basic, and melodies for each one are too similar. Yet, the man has been nominated for an Oscar 20 times!!! Is hollywood truly this deprived of people who can write excellent songs for films? Well, he’s also won six Grammys and three Emmys. Maybe I’m the one with the horrible taste in music. But if you ever want to drive me crazy on a road trip, make a Randy Newman playlist!

Well, two of my picks were correct.


And Colin.

I guess I just went with the obvious considering all the accolades both of these actors have received over the past few months for their roles in 2010. I’ve not seen The King’s Speech, but I guess I should. I really enjoyed Black Swan and want to watch in again, savour the brilliance of Natalie’s performance.

Last night’s Academy Awards sparked my interested in short films. The Oscar winner in this category, Luke Matheny, plugged the nominated films’ availability on iTunes, so this morning I downloaded each of the five nominees. I feel another movie and curry night coming on… The evening’s watchword will be brevity. Discussing and analysing these concise pieces of art, we’ll be such intellectuals!

The community theatre in Quincy is currently performing a production of Hello Dolly. Not my absolute favourite musical, but I’m all for community theatre and an afternoon of escape. It was a respectable endeavour. After the show, I swung by the worst-stocked Wal-Mart I’ve ever visited near I-10.

During a visit to the men’s room, this was my only hand-washing option:

The sophistication of Wal-Mart’s customers has been well documented. You can tell a lot about the customer base of this particular Wal-Mart from this hand-washing option. I don’t prefer smelling like a citrus fruit, and I prefer the choice of to pumice or not to pumice, but I tried to look on the bright side and see it as exfoliating experience at the Wal-Mart spa. You know, kind of like a singo scrub in Zanzibar...

Yeah, I suck at finding those bright sides.

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