Friday, February 25, 2011



Retail therapy for me is usually counterproductive. More times than not, I end up more high-strung than I was before I began. Even when I have a budget, and I’m well within that budget, spending money stresses me out. But when it’s all over, and I’ve had a chance to breathe and unwind, I sure do like the things I bought.

As Drew said in Ever After: Just breath.

Or there’re always margaritas.

I’ve been very conservative with my purchases since my arrival to the US last week, but today was my big shopping day for this trip. I was supposed to go on Tuesday, but plans changed. While I was unable to get everything on my shopping list, it was a very productive day. My favourite purchases of today were Travel Scrabble (yes, Sibyl, once again I’m copying you—so Single White Female), Nike running socks and season 2 of Popular (Ryan Murphy’s late-90s masterpiece—long before Glee!).

The biggest surprise of today (a positive one!) was Gnomeo and Juliet. Like some of you, I’ve been questioning my choice of movies recently. To be honest, I never would have selected to see this film, but my 8-year-old friend was set on seeing it, so see it we did.

  • Pleasant surprise #1: The soundtrack of the film being Elton John classics and not-so-well-known gems.
  • Pleasant surprise #2: Dolly Parton providing the voice for a bootylicious Daisy Duke-esque gnome delivering the rules for a Rebel Without a Cause-like lawnmower race.
  • Pleasant surprise #3: One of the gnomes expressing his enjoyment of going commando.

Sadly, this is a horrible time to go to the cinema; nothing fantastic is showing. However, with the right company, Gnomeo and Juliet provided 87 minutes of good fun. We practically had the theatre to ourselves and fully enjoyed the songs and thought nothing about how loudly we laughed out loud. Seeing this film with friends was the most effective therapy of the day.

The most disappointing part of the evening was not being able to buy Adele’s 21 from Target. I want the Target version because there are four bonus tracks. I tried. I really tried. I went to the two Targets in the Panama City area, and neither one of them had it. Both of them had display signs up for it in the music department. Both of them did not have a single copy of the CD to purchase. I hope that is a good sign for Adele, and her CD is selling well.

…There’s always Tallahassee.

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