Sunday, May 29, 2011

Am I on Glue, Again?

Am I on Glue, Again?

It's been a really fantastic day. Besides the short run I went on this morning (sorry, Robyn, I cheated; it was not my intention; it just kind of happened), I spent the day reading, sleeping, reading some more, napping again, a bit of grooming, reading, sleeping. Ah, it's been lovely.

But my day was not completely stress free, and stress has a name; his name is Waldo.

I am gradually falling in love with the Apple Apps Store. With just the click of a button, fantastic new applications are added to my laptop. Brilliant. Earlier this week, I downloaded Where's Waldo: The Fantastic Journey. In addition to the reading and sleeping I accomplished today, I worked my way through a few levels of this children's game. Let me just say that playing Where's Waldo was the highest stress point of my day. Seeing those stars disappear as time elapsed send my heart racing and probably added two more knots to my back. Oh, and the humiliation of having to repeat two of the levels because I did not complete them with the minimum of three stars remaining added a third knot, this one right at the base of my neck on the lefthand side.

It was fun! Definitely worth the $2.99 I paid.

I had another Elle Wood's moment today and had to ask:

I thought it either had to be that or The Monitor printed it April Fools' edition two months late. But it was neither. Just the reality of the world we live in. The entertaining world we live in. The simultaneously sad world we live in. I'm gonna share my story though links.
  1. Start with this one.
  2. Next read this one.
  3. Finish with this one.
Oh, I laughed. I laughed out loud (LOL).

Sad, sad laughter.

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