Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Give a Hoot

Give a Hoot

Who needs fiction when reality is just so damn entertaining?

I'm really surprised at how productive my day has been and how worthwhile this afternoon's staff meeting was. After yesterday's revelation by President Museveni that, "The problem with Ugandans is that they are indisciplined, unserious, alcoholics and extravagant," I'm surprised my colleagues and I ever manage to get anything done. We must be seriously talented. Or maybe I'm the one who is seriously talented, taking up the slack for their indiscipline and unserious-ness. Wow! I'm pretty awesome. And the alcoholism, well that explains a lot, giving me something to aspire to.

So this week, hooting was added to the walk-to-work campaign because the opposition want to "tickle the government". You ask, "What if I'm not in a car because I'm walking to work?" This is still the walk-to-work campaign after all. "Whoever cannot hoot, will bang a table, calabash, saucepan or any tool or instrument that can produce noise for five minutes."

Back when the walk to work campaign was just beginning, I wondered if it would have longevity, and it's inspiring to know that the peaceful protesting through civil disobedience has not fizzled out, even after being responded to with so much violence from the government.

However, the reaction of the powers that be has not been as positive. The police have vowed to arrest the hooters, calling them illegal. The hooters have not consulted them (the police), so their hooting is illegal. Plus the hooters are contributing to noise pollution which can cause fatigue and headaches. You know what else causes headaches? Police batons, so hooters beware!

Remember when giving a hoot was more peace, love and granola bar crunchy?

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