Monday, May 23, 2011

Touched by a Goddess

Touched by a Goddess

Yesterday I ran in The Source of the Nile Marathon in Jinja. Well, there was no full marathon, so I only did a half marathon (21km). It was great fun, a fantastic time with fabulous friends. I never go to Jinja; I'm one of those rare types that does not care for that river town. It is quaint with some cute eateries, and there are plenty of activities to be done, but it takes something like this run to get me to pay a visit. In fact, the last few times I've visited (the last being almost two years ago) have been in relationship with a running event.

As with the Two Oceans Marathon, I ran with my camera and put together a little video that chronicles my experience at The Source of the Nile Marathon.

During the run, my Goddess of Gorgeous kept popping into my thoughts; it was like Babs was there running with me for several of the kms. I'm not sure what triggered the thoughts, but I really hope that we have the chance to run together soon. Malawi is kind of far away.

Speaking of goddesses, one is being particularly gracious to us these days. Take last night for instance; Britney Spears performed not once, but twice on the Billboard Music Awards stage.

First she joined Rihanna to perform their number one hit, S&M, to start the show,

and the show's finale gave her a chance to be on stage with her future tour-mate, Nicki Minaj. I must say I was not overly impressed with Ms. Minaj's performance. But seeing these two performances really put a smile on my face and made me happy. I hope they did you too

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