Monday, May 30, 2011

Mesmerised by the Power of Oprah

Mesmerised by the Power of Oprah

After 25 years, Oprah ended her show last week. I remember seeing the Oprah show for the first time when I was in the fifth grade. The Armed Forces Network (AFN) is a little behind with the episodes, so Oprah continues there, for a while at least. On tonight's episode, Oprah revealed her favourite guest ever. I've never been an avid Oprah viewer, but I could not leave Lynne's house until Oprah revealed who her favourite guest was: Tererai Trent.

What makes Tererai so special? I'll let her explain (quote take from Tererai's website):
My name is Tererai Trent I was born and raised in rural Zimbabwe, and my dream growing up was to have an education. I met a woman who inspired me to believe in my dreams; I buried a list of my education goals under a rock where I used to herd cattle. I believed in achieving these against many challenges. The rock where I buried my dreams solidified and grounded me in many ways. I was at peace since I knew I had made a pact with the rock to keep my dreams alive!

Today, I hold a PhD, which allows me to work all over the world, because other people cared enough to help me fulfill my dreams.

Tererai wants to build schools in Zimbabwe. Besides Oprah giving her 1.5 million dollars to achieve her goal, Tererai sells t-shirts that say Tingoma--It is Achievable. Can you even imagine the number of t-shirts she must have sold after this episode on which Oprah named Tererai her favourite guest? Well, increase your guess by two because Lynne and I placed our orders tonight. Yes, Lynne, we just spent $31 each ($62 total) on a t-shirt. The two most frugal people on the planet. Frugal, but with giant hearts. We care. And want to build schools. In Zimbabwe. Did I mention we care? Big hearts! Giant. Enormous.

Or are we simply under Oprah's spell?

If you, too, would like to invest in the future of education for the girl child in Zimbabwe and have your own Tinogona t-shirt, visit Tererai's website and place your order. Even if you're frugal, you can have a heart.

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Robyn said...

How great! You care. You get a t-shirt, I get a t-shirt, we all get T-shirts!!! (something like that!) xoxo