Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Questioning Discomfort

Questioning Discomfort

In the introductory pages of the brilliant 2004 'tween' novel by Blue Balliett, Chasing Vermeer, the following quote from Charles Fort can be found:

One can't learn much and also be comfortable. One can't learn much and let anybody else be comfortable.

So much has occurred recently that has caused me a lot of discomfort. I'm pretty sure that I've made some people I know--and some that I don't-- fairly uncomfortable lately (making others uncomfortable is a talent I think I was born with), and I can guarantee that I've been up to making myself pretty comfortable on a regular basis. Am I learning loads? I'm not sure. I'm not sure if Fort's quote still rings true when transposed to connect discomfort to learning. Can one be comfortable and learn? Does discomfort bring about learning?

I'm a sharer. It's what I do. What I think I share the most is my opinion. I cannot read something I find interesting and not tell someone else about it. I cannot watch something I find amazing and not recommend it. I cannot be unimpressed with exhibitions and treatment of visitors at MishMash exhibitions in Naguru and at least not mention it on my blog (still processing that one; more details may or may not come). Yes, as Fort stated, I cannot learn much and let anybody else be comfortable.

Can't do that thing, that keepin' still. But you're fucked if you speak your mind, and you know, uh huh, you will...

I'm not very original; I simply pass on what I see, read, hear, experience. Oh, gossip, how I love thee!

Mentioning love, on reflection, I think that it could possibly be my tendency to share what I learn about myself (at times over analyzing motives and feelings) and other issues that I won't shut up about and perhaps beat like a dead horse that make partners/potential partners uncomfortable. Thus, straining (if not damaging, if not ruining) any relationship we might develop. Hmmm... I'm sure more reflection will stem from this, and I know that what I learn will very likely make me very uncomfortable. Damn you, Charles Fort and that damned quote!

Remember, I'm a sharer. I watched this video today on YouTube (thanks to Phillipe's link), so now I have to share it.

I was disturbed a bit by this short animated film. The animation in itself could be funny/entertaining, but the subject matter is too serious and sad, i.e. disturbing. "The big people" have a tendency to get away with murder (both figuratively and literally). I hope that the medium used to covey this message will have the intended impact. But where besides YouTube is it being shown? Will the intended audience see it enough for it to be an effective ad?

I'm going to end this post on a positive, comfortable topic, so prepare yourself to not learn anything. My Zanzibar Christmas 2010 books came in the mail today!

This is the first photo book that I put together, and I'm exceptionally happy with it. Great times. Great memories. XOXO

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Phillippe MK said...

sharing is caring! :)

a friend of mine told me that they are placing that video as a trailer in some of these locally made DVD's.. *fantastically brilliant idea!*

it's a shame that we don't see more of stuff like this, especially in the local languages too.

keep sharing bro... keep sharing!