Sunday, May 01, 2011

Good Intention

Good Intention

I feel like I might be getting a bit carried away with certain negative sentiments. I'm an optimist at heart. I am. However, I feel like I'm painting too dark and negative a picture of the world in which I live. Which, in the end, makes me feel a bit gloomy.

I decided early on today that I was going to flip the coin and show the other side. Besides the obvious rubbish going on in Kampala and Uganda right now, there is greener grass. My objective today was to highlight that green grass.

Sunday morning runs are great for getting to know the city... except (and here's where I start to fail) after riots. Men in uniforms are patrolling everywhere. Roads still blocked off by lorries have a less-than-positive effect on one's runner's high. Burnt tires left on roadsides chase my imagination into undesirable territory.

I still say that Cafe Java is the best place to refuel after a morning's run. (Ok, back on track.) It makes me happy that they are consistently good. (See, I can say something nice more than once about the same restaurant. It's not often, but I can.)

Brunch at Lynne's, yes, that was fantastic. (Eye on the plot.) More delicious food than 17 of us could tuck away. Besides that... Well... (Here is where I get stuck. My intention was good; at least a tried, right?)

This is one of those rare occasions, so take note and remember it. I'm going to take Thumper's Dad's advice.

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