Friday, May 06, 2011

Cinco+Uno=Seis de Mayo

Cinco+Uno=Seis de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo was never enjoyed more than it was by me yesterday. That celebration will go down in my personal history. It was another United Colors of Benetton ad: America, Uganda, sushi, Thai curry, Islam-inspired art and brownies. Life's just more fun when we mix it up a bit.

The celebration took on another form today, and Mexico was not forgotten. After school, margaritas were mixed, avocados were mashed to make guacamole, a few colleagues/friends met at my flat and enjoyed the evening with me. This was the forth time this week that I played host. Loved it.

Around 8:00pm, I migrated over to Afriart Gallery for the opening of Fred Mutebi's exhibition: Wood Collection Since 2000. It was fantastic, fantastic, fantastic. His was my favourite exhibition since George Kyeyune's in September 2010. Mutebi's wood prints were like nothing I'd seen before. He's now been added to my list of artists whose work I must acquire a piece of. I would've loved to have been able to red-sticker a print tonight, but that was not in the stars. This is the piece I wanted to put the red sticker on:

comparing politicians, presidential candidates to be specific, to marabou storks and their appetite for garbage.

Lots going on this weekend! An early bedtime is my desire this evening.


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