Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sisters Are Doin' It Again

Well Done!
Sisters Are Doin' It Again

They walked. They walked with symbols of work expected of their gender (sauce pans, mortars, etc...). They walked in protest, but they also walked in peace.

Women in white carrying their demands in hand, proclaiming their concerns walked for peace on Monday. I read on the internet today that the spirit that the suffragettes in the UK possessed in the early 20th century was lost in our world. Uganda at times seems a world away from the UK, but some sentiments are universal and do not depend on locale. I hope that Monday's display of solidarity of women for a cause important for all within their society, even when there was the potential for personal harm and/or arrest, is a sign that the spirit is reviving.

I'd read about the planned walk in the newspaper, but the first I heard/read about how the protest went down was via this photoblog (thanks for the link, Kelly). Seeing the photos of the women marching strongly with their placards made my heart swell a bit. This walk had nothing to do with votes (that's a right women have had for a while in Uganda); it was about food and brutal treatment of fellow Ugandans, but I could hear the raspy voice of Mrs. Banks cheering on: Well done, sister...!

Cast of the shackles of yesterday!
Shoulder to shoulder into the fray!
Our daughters' daughters will adore us
And they'll sing in grateful chorus:
Well done, sister...!

My life is one big musical, and I could not pass up the opportunity to get down to this one:

Sing it ReRe and Annie Lee!


Anonymous said...

Go Ugandan sistas! I saw news today comparing walk2work to the US civil rights movement when people stopped using busses. The movement in UG seems to have some serious momentum...

Karen said...

Ooooo I have chills, love it!! thanks for posting T! Go sistas!! amazing and uplifting to see that solidarity is still alive! x