Tuesday, March 01, 2011



This morning was rush, rush, rush to get out of the door. This morning included me waking my 84-year-old grandmother up to say goodbye to here. It also included me forgetting my hooded sweatshirt at Melissa's house and having to go back to get it so I did not freeze on the airplane. Also included was me finding my mother at the nursing home breakfast table to say what might just be my final goodbye. Oh, and don't let me forget that this morning also included me getting to the fist Tallahasse exit on the interstate and realising that I'd left my passport at Melissa's house, so we had to drive the 50+-mile journey back to her house to get it. Back in Tallahassee, this morning included me doing a mad dash through Wal-Mart to make some last-minute purchases. Surprisingly, it included a painless check-in at the airport and finding out that I was 15 pounds underweight.

Anticlimax: This morning included me looking at the departures screen in the terminal and discovering that my flight had been delayed. Delayed in such a way that I would not make my connecting flight to Amsterdam. Delayed in such a way that even if I caught the later flight to Amsterdam I would still miss my flight to Entebbe after.

It's back to Liberty county for me.

For one more night...

I hope.


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