Monday, August 17, 2009

Aggie Introduces Ronnie

Aggie Introduces Ronnie

It's about time... Today, after more than three years in Kampala, I was able to attend a kwanjula.  If you're not familiar with the term, click on the link.  It's not a comprehensive article, nor is it succinct, but you'll definitely have a better understanding of the ceremony/festivity/celebration from reading it.  I'd attended an introduction in Uganda before, but only in Bunyoro, so I had an idea of what to expect.  However, I'd never attended the more elaborate, extensive version that takes place in the central region of the country--the Buganda Kingdom.

The kwanjula was an engaging ceremony, but much of what went on was lost on me because of my lack of Luganda language skills.  However because I've living in Uganda for some time, I've heard discussions on dozens of kwanjulas, so the customs were not complete unfamiliar to me.  Oh, and when a couple of my friends found out I was to be part of the groom's party, they dished out to me the dos and don'ts and other idiosyncrasies of the kwanjula of the Baganda.  I was especially warned of the potential duration of the ceremony--lots of speeches.  All of their instructions and warnings (i.e. don't pull up your kanzu to avoid getting it dirty) set off my neurotic tendencies, and I was exceptionally anxious about effing up and bringing on a fine for the groom.  Guess who assisted to carry in the gift of 50kgs of sugar...  Guess who almost dropped the corner of the sack of 50kgs of sugar... Luckily, I didn't... Luckily.

Keeping with tradition:

the men wore kanzus;

the women wore gomesis

gifts were given;

and food was shared--including luwombo (I'm a sucker for luwombo).

Today was a beautiful day, even if the weather did not always cooperate.  It was a family affair on different levels.  The past year was a very trying one in the work place, and I think the trials brought many of us colleagues closer together in our private lives.  Several of us came out today for Ronnie on his special occasion.

We're a pretty damn good-looking crew, if I do say so myself.  Wouldn't you trust us with the quality education of your children?  Judge this book by its cover.  Excellence.

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