Wednesday, August 26, 2009



Who made the Wikipedia entry for Keturah Kamugasa?

I don't know why I know that she is in the online encyclopedia... but she is. Follow the link.

Another Question:

Why does Keturah Kamugasa get to write about fashion? She's telling other what they should wear, even criticising other people's wardrobe choices. Have you noticed what she wears?

Okay, those are two question with a statement sandwiched between, but they had to be asked/said/asked.

Conspiracy theory:

It's the same people that are behind this are the same people who are responsible fore putting male models in African Woman magazine and Stanbic Bank ads wearing brown belts with black shoes. They are seriously out to eff things up.

In other Wikipedia-New Vision-related news, the online encyclopedia also states that Robert Kabushenga resigned as CEO of the New Vision after only two weeks in that position. I love my Wikipedia, but you sometimes have to question the accuracy of the articles. Wasn't that David Sseppuuya who resigned after two weeks in 2006? Isn't Mr. Kabushenga still CEO? It's neither here nor there, I guess. Again, I don't know why I know this, but... I do.

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tumwijuke said...

Oh thank you!

I publicly questioned Keturah's dress sense two years ago and I was crucified for my statements. Thank you! I am vindicated.