Tuesday, August 18, 2009



I'm sleepy.  It was a fairly good day today.  I moved some heavy furniture.  I just got back from saying goodbye to a friend who's leaving for good on Friday.  Saying goodbye comes with the lifestyle.  

I must go to bed soon because I have a trip tomorrow morning, and I cannot oversleep because they will not wait for me.  In order to be more efficient with my time, I'm resorting to bullet points for today.  Here I go:
  • Rowena's back from the bush.  Yay!  We had Chelsea buns together this evening at my place.  I'm so happy she's back in town, and I hope it's for more time than last time.  At least we've made a program for Friday morning, which I need to alter a bit because I MUST get to the embassy with my new passport application and photos.  But that should be quick.
  • Despite Lynne's claim, she's sharing.  I'm coming on Thursday!!!

  • If I don't write it down, it won't happen.  If I write it down, then lose my to-do list, it still won't happen.
  • So wrong.
Especially  and   .

That's right!

I need to be going to the gym...  Laziness...

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