Friday, August 07, 2009

Certified Fake

Certified Fake

Let's begin this post on a positive:

the view of Kibuli Mosque from the food court a the new Oasis shopping mall.  The mosque is very picturesque on top of the hill and can be seen from all over Kampala city.  I was meeting a friend this afternoon at Good African Coffee (trade, not aid; look for it on Tesco shelves in the UK) in Nakawa, and from their balcony you also get a spectacular view of the mosque on Kibuli Hill.

So I was feeling froggy today, and I googles fake Uganda.  These two words were on my mind for a few reasons I guess.  There have been stories in the newspapers recently pertaining to fake goods being sold in Uganda.  Speaking of fake goods, and before I reveal what really motivated me to do the search, let me show you the results of that search.

Fake.  Fake.  Fake.  The fake cement scares the hell out of me.  With all the construction that is going on in this city, it's really scary to think a building might come tumbling down... with me (or anyone) in it.  But I'm a risk taker... so life marches on...

So you know how there are these guys called birthers and they are trying to argue that Barack Obama is not really the president of the United States because he is really ineligible because he wasn't really born on American soil.  BS.  The Orly Taitz camp went as far as to produce a fake Kenyan birth certificate that is so flawed it's incredible that some people are taking it seriously.  Fake.  Fake.  Fake.

Guess what!  You too can attempt to prove yourself ineligible to become present of the United States by generating you very own fake Kenyan birth certificate.  Here's mine:

Fake.  Fake.  Fake.  Yes, my unknown test tube father is an exotic dancer living in the Bat Cave.  You can have your own.  Just go to  Have fun!

Yes, the ability to produce my own fake Kenyan birth certificate and the birthers' fake effort to debunk Obama as president of the US is the #1 inspiration for my search for fake online today. 

Certified fake.

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Baz said...

Awesome! I am going to get a birth certificate that will prove that Billie Jean and Michael Jackson are my birth parents and they had me in Mumias General Hospital.