Monday, August 10, 2009



This is just too delicious to not spread and share with the masses.  

George (Heavy G) Vera had a little secret.  A little secret tucked away deep... deep inside one of his fat rolls.  Yes, this 500-pound lump of a guy was arrested, searched; taken to the city jail, searched again; taken to the county jail and (you guessed it) searched again.  Not one officer doing the search discovered the little something we like to call a 9mm pistol hidden inside of his George's natural crevices.  Good guy that he is, George confessed to the having the firearm during a shower break.  What a sweetheart!

Since we're on the topic of sweethearts, Gossip Girl.  Ok, so I'm a bit late jumping on this bandwagon, but I cannot resist expressing how entertaining I find it.  I cannot wait to get into season to see Taylor Momsen's transformation in to a hooker.  I thought it was brilliant to add Buffy's little sister, Harriet the Spy, to the show's roster towards the end of the first season, and her bitchiness helped us to see Blair's positive (in comparison) side.  Otherwise, why would we care about Blair, right?  

Gossip Girl shares her creation theory in the season 1 finale:  

Bitches don't just happen; they're made by parents even more wicked than their offspring.

And despite Georgina's best efforts to evoke fear and reek havoc, Blair assures her:

Haven't you hear?  I'm the crazy bitch around her.


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