Saturday, July 18, 2009



About two years ago I blogged about Margaret Cho (one of my favourite Cho quotes from that post:  Why is Viagra everywhere?  Doesn't it make more sense leave the bullets out of the gun than to just try to avoid being shot?  Especially when the gun is an old musket, that you gotta pour gun powder in and tap it down.)  Well, I've been inspired to blog about her again, so be prepared.  Here's the inspirational photograph:

There it is.  Yes, I bet some of you are borrowing a statement from Paris Hilton:  That's hot!  While others are disturbed by both my Hilton reference and by the Margaret Cho bondage scene on the cover of August's Unzipped magazine.  I'm not familiar with Ricky Sinz, but I think that Ms. Cho is sizzling on in this shot.  Apparently, she is the first mainstream actor to be featured on the cover of Unzipped, and she is the first woman too.  I'm not rushing out to get my copy of the magazine, but I will admit to being tempted.  You can also see a short segment with behind-the-scenes exerts from this photo shoot on You Tube.  Looks like fun!

Oh, and I must not forget the important stuff:

Happy birthday Kristen Bell (aka Veronica Mars)!!!
July 18th
She's 29.

might finally make it to the big screen in 2011
with Brad Pitt as a producer!

What about me?  Well, I kind of feel like a Kato Kaelin without the fame of being part of a murder mystery.  I'm housesitting and living in a house I could never afford to live in myself.  I was asked to take care of a cat.  For the past two nights I've woken up thinking the cat was dead.  What if it died?  That would be horrible.  To add to my anxiety of the cat, I left the drier running when I left yesterday to spend the evening at my friend Lynne's, and I kept thinking that the timer would not work, the drier would keep running, the clothes would combust and the house would burn down.  Needless to say, I have a very active imagination, and I'm not always optimistic; I think of worst case scenarios.  

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