Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Lively Bunch

A Lively Bunch

I finally got around to around to watching Gossip Girl.  I know.  How could I not have seen it before?  I mean it has the word gossip in the title and Gossip Girl is Kristen Bell and Blake Lively is the Sister of Robyn Lively--wife of the-guy-who-plays-Troy's-dad in High School Musical (by the way, his name is Bart Johnson), star of Teen Angel Returns, The Karate Kid III and one of the greatest teen masterpieces of 1989:  Teen Witch.  

Oh, how used to love this woman.

Besides having my ass firmly planted in the comfy chair today, I hosted a small dinner for four friends.  I intended to make a salmon lasagne.  Unfortunately, the supermarket didn't have the lasagne pasta, so I opted to make it with another type of pasta and it came out well.  My friend Alex came over to lend a hand in the kitchen.

For dessert, I made whole-wheat strawberry muffins.

Top that!

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