Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Funny Thing...

A Funny Thing...

After a delicious dinner of Thai food, I went out with a couple friends--one of the guys was in town visiting Nairobi.  While at Michelle's in Ntinda, John shared with me a little story about the beer he was drinking:

Tusker Beer is named after the elephant that killed one of the brew's founders.

It's true.  The story of it's 1922 origin is concisely printed on the bottle's label.  You can read a less-detailed summary of this on Wikipedia.  Imagine a beer label containing more information than this article.

Maybe I'm the last to know this story, but you have to admit that it's an interesting one.

What I thought would be an early night (it was Wednesday, remember) ended up being a 2:00 am-er.  We went to Rouge just after mid-night; the place was pretty dead.  But then came the tsunami of people... on a Wednesday night.  By 1:00 am, the place was packed.  Before I knew it, I was grabbed by the arm and drug into the V.I.P. booth and found myself dancing beside Ugandan hip-hop artist, Navio.

Eventually, it was time to go.  

I think I'm going to Nairobi today.  I've not really planned.  But I think I'll go to Nairobi today.

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