Thursday, July 02, 2009

I Dream of Salmon

I Dream of Salmon

Happy Canada Day (albeit a bit belated).  I love my Canadian friends and at times confess to being a closeted Canadian.  Danger Bay on the Disney Channel is responsible for that.  As a child I used to dream of one day living in Vancouver.  At this point in my life, Toronto sounds more up my alley.  Canada has been on my mind a lot this week, not because of their recent national holiday, but because one of my tights just flew home and we've been communicating on a regular basis.  Her first facebook update after reaching home was:  

bbq, cedar salmon, bevies, family, high speed, love - what more could a girl want! ok one more thing....

Of course the one thing more a girl could want would be me... but that's a whole other blog post.  The part of this update that got my salivary glands working overtime was the bit about cedar salmon.  Actually, I've never eaten it (being from the South East and all), nor am I a huge fish fan, but I do enjoy salmon and anything grilled, especially using cedar.  Then there are photos like this I see on recipe and grilling websites:


Good food is frequently on my mind... like some other delicious necessities of life.  Funny how I don't think much about breathing; that's one on life's necessities.  Then again, I guess I would think of it more if I did have to go long periods without good air (somehow like Spaceballs).  I guess in many ways, I'm just a typical male.

I've been invited to a welcome-to-Uganda dinner tonight for a group of grad-students from somewhere in the US.  I'm always excited to receive a dinner invitation, being the social butterfly that I have a tendency to be, but this group of people just flew in this afternoon.  I imagine they will all be super-exhausted; that's a few long flights strung together.  I've been there.  Ouch!  But we'll see.  Maybe they'll just be super-excited to be in Uganda... After 6 years, I still am.

Dinner.  Something Ugandan?



Dana said...

I JUST ate some salmon. Like right before I saw your post.

Although it wasn't fabulous cedar plank grilled salmon -- it was Chicken of the Sea in a pouch salmon... but still...

Timothy said...

Almost exactly the same, right?