Sunday, July 26, 2009

Get Happy!

Get Happy!

What a great weekend!  I went for a 13km run on Saturday morning, there was a barbeque at a friend of a friend’s on Saturday night, and Sunday morning I made a successful attempt to host a brunch where I made waffles for the first time—and they came out great! 

Another perk of housesitting:  a waffle iron at my disposal.  I've wanted one for years.  The one I used this morning was this Presto model.

It's handy-dandy and fun to use.  I love the way it flips, and the built-in timer is super helpful.

My boys came over, and we spent the day eating and watching Twilight, season 7 of Friends, Jumping Jack Flash and the 100th episode of So You Think You Can Dance—the one where Katy Holmes performed Liza’s Get Happy.

Who knew that Katie was musical?  Not the most amazing voice, but she hit the notes.  I'm not sure why she was asked to perform other than to promote her charity, but it was not a painful performance.  Look at those legs!

So after all that crazy corruption stuff in New Jersey last week, I was happy to find out today via a rerun of Saturday Night Live and later the BBC that the state has decided not to ban bikini waxing.  Two women were hospitalized from an infection they developed after being waxed, and the state lawmakers went nuts.  I guess that is old news (from way back in March), but it’s news to me.  Yeah, women were telling the state to “stay out of our pants,” and there were jokes about “the overgrown garden state” and  “the garden state maybe extra lush this summer.”  

How could I not have known about this when it was a hot story? 

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