Friday, July 24, 2009



Who is the person that the majority of Americans trust to deliver them the news?  Katie Couric?  Charlie Gibson?  Brian Williams?

No.  It's John Stewart.

That's right folks.  John Steward, host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central (and co-star of the 1997 straight-to-dvd Drew Barrymore film Wishful Thinking), is the most trusted newscaster in American--the Walter Cronkite of 2009.  At least that was the finding of a nationwide poll conducted by Time Magazine.  

As you can see from this map of the results, 44% of Americans put their trust in a comedian to deliver them the truth over more recognized and formal newscasters--even the good folks of Texas.  What does that say about the state of journalism in America?  

Did you catch the last episode of So You Think You Can Dance this week?  Oh my goodness, Melissa and Ade's performance about a woman with breast cancer nothing was less than amazing, so beautiful, so moving.  I don't think anyone who watched that performance got through it with dry eyes, especially if they have ever known anyone who has battle cancer... and won... or lost.  I've watched it over and over again on YouTube.  Please, if you have not seen it yet watch it:  

This is an example of the amazing power of performance, the way dance can really create a picture with no paint and make a statement with no words.  The trust between the dancers was powerful, the lifts and the leap Melissa makes into Ade's arms were all very moving.  The Maxwell song that provides the backdrop is also beautiful and fitting.  I had to go to iTunes and download This Woman's Work after watching this performance.  Melissa, Ade and Tyce, you have touched this non-sentimental, often cynical heart of stone.  I need moments like this.

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