Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rain Forest Sundays Can Get You Down

Rain Forest Sundays Can Get You Down

This was a fantastic Sunday.  I went with three friends to spend a day at the Rain Forest Lodge in Mabira Forest.  I blogged about stopping by there on the way back from Jinja after the hash relay there two weeks ago.  I still think the place is stunningly beautiful.  We spent the day pool side; the water was icy, but jumping into the cold water after spending time in the sauna was very refreshing.  Lawrence, the guy by the pool, was a big help and very friendly.  If only the rest of the staff were that useful… Lunch was more stressful than it was worth.  A set menu:  set soup, set salad, choice of a main course, set dessert, 30,000 shillings, done.  Simple, right?  I wish.  The incompetence of the staff in the restaurant was almost bad enough to ruin an otherwise great day.  After waiting an hour for the meals to be prepared, they still came incomplete, then either the waiter or the chef tried to change the price and add charges.  Apparently they were not prepared to accommodate the crowd of today, so some parts of the meal either did not come at all or the portions were significantly reduced.  True to my fashion, I insisted on seeing the manager.  He was friendly enough, but I felt his response to my concerns seemed to rehearsed and fake.  I could almost accept this as just a fluke, a bad day in the kitchen, but I was warned about the restaurant by a friend of mine before I came.  His sister was there in the past and also had a horrible experience.  It’s quite a shame because the place is so beautiful.  The food that we did get was well presented and tasty.  

Despite lunch not going as planned (and I'd really looked forward to this trip being superb), the day was otherwise fantastic.  I spend the day lounging, reading Vanity Fair, chatting/gossiping with fabulous friends, and enjoying nature in a very non-rugged way.  I also made a discovery when I got back to my housesitting digs and got on the internet:  a dvd of the broadway staged version of Rent was released in February.  How did I not know about this?  Well guess what I shopped for on today.  No day but today...

Oh, and Leo came by from a bbq at his sister's place.  He came bearing gifts of roasted pork, chicken, goat's meat and potato salad.  In return for his kindness, we tuned in to So You Think You Can Dance on AFN and shared our bounty.  I'm not sure what kind of delay there is in broadcasting, but the Black Eyed Peas were on performing I Gotta Feeling.  The song makes me smile and want to dance.

My web browsing also led me to discover on that Xtina is shooting a new video.  Does this mean we can expect new music from her in the new future?  She looks great.  I don't know if I've ever seen her so simple, but I love it.  I'm a big fan of the white t-shirt.

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