Sunday, July 12, 2009



Let's play a little game today.  I think it was Sesame Street that began the game of selecting the object that did not fit in with the other with the song:

One of these things is not like the others.  

One of these things just don't belong...





a).  This is a photo of my empty classroom after Betty and I finished packing everything away.  This photo represents a clean slate and satisfaction from the culmination of another year.  It makes me smile.

b).  This is a photo of a killer bunny drawn by one of my students.  Despite their violent tendencies, the killer bunnies united my class this past year.  One of my students introduced her killer bunny illustrations, and the rest of the kids just ran with it.   Before long, the killer bunnies invaded all the subjects--from art to mathematics and everywhere in between.  My students created a kind of field guide for the killer bunnies including a map of the bunnies' alternate world--complete with fictitious continents and countries--and examples of favourite foods.  Without the killer bunnies, the would've been more discord in my classroom, and believe me, I had plenty of that to deal with already.  I found this final killer bunny drawn on the small white board on the last day of school.  It makes me smile.

c).  This is the busiest damn pattern I've seen.  Seeing the photo itself kind of makes we want to vomit.  It's not just unbearable in skirt form, but someone decided to have a top sewn out of it as well.  Ewww!!!  What a horrible set!  Now, I've mentioned that pattern is unbearable in skirt form, now imagine the wearer of such skirt choosing to wear the damn thing four days consecutively.  Ewww!!!  Ewww!!!  Ewww!!!  Ewww!!!  My eyes hurt!!!  

So if you chose c, you were correct.  is definitely the odd man out.  

Ewww!!!  Ewww!!!  Ewww!!!  Ewww!!!  Ewww!!!

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