Friday, July 03, 2009

Imagine the Most Beautiful Flower in the World...

Imagine the Most Beautiful Flower in the World...

This morning during my daily morning browse of the online newspapers and gossip blogs, I came across this:

I love the colors, and they do look like they are enjoying the occasion.  Putting politics aside (if that is even possible), I think this a great photo of Uganda's President Museveni and his wife, Janet.  As always, I'm not a fan of his hat... or hers, today, come to think of it.  The title that accompanied this story was Museveni Condemns Genital Cutting.  Important issue, yet not a feel-good read.  Follow the link if you'd like to know more.  

When I got to work this morning, where we get a physical copy of The New Vision, the above photo was blown up on the front page with the huge headline:  

Uganda Confirms Swine Flu Case

The title of the actual article that went along with the photo was printed to the side in a much smaller font so it really looked like the Musevenis were the confirmed case of swine flu.  Not true, but if the rumor begins to swirl, we can blame it on the New Vision.   

Swine flu was bound to reach Uganda; I guess we were just waiting for it to arrive.  How could it not?  Now, the New Vision story was very limited on details, but The Monitor wrote that the infected guy came from the UK, arrived in Entebbe, passed the health screening, went to Kampala--where he stayed with some friends instead of at a hotel--then got came down with the flu.  There is no telling how many people were possibly exposed to the virus.  Some people I met today were freaking out just a bit.  Should I be?  I don't know.  I just live with naive thought of:  It can't happen to me... Until it does, and then I deal with it.  

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madj said...

Oh man - Museveni's damn hat. Will he ever take it off!?
PS: I'm half Ugandan (my mum) and have been there several times and lived in Kampala