Thursday, March 03, 2011



I got in tonight on time, according to my amended schedule. Wow! It's warm. Not that it was so cold in Florida, but it's quite warm here. I'm going to feel very cozy in my bed tonight. I'm wondering how the jet lag will affect my sleep. My ambition is to make it in to school tomorrow morning. We'll see how that goes...

I opened my suitcase to find everything sprinkled with grits.

Shit! I thought, and pulled out the container of the cereal I'd pack. I cannot figure out how those granules got out and all over everything. Not only were they kept in the original packaging, but I also put them in a Hefty freezer bag with a zipper lock that was still sealed. I've inspected the bag for holes (if you've ever read The Secret Life of Bees or had kneeling on grits used as punishment in your youth, you can imagine how abrasive grits can be and how they might have worked a hole in a plastic bag), but I can't detect any. I've given the bag a good shake, and no granules of grits rained out. But they sure are everywhere in my suitcase. Maybe it was the gremlins in the baggage hull of the plane.

I'm limiting my unpacking for tonight, just unpacking some cheese and making sure no bath products exploded because of the pressure changes.

Happiness tonight comes from being home in Uganda.

Good night.


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Robyn said...

Yay your back, safe and sound! Atleast the cheese survived!