Sunday, March 06, 2011

April Tuna for President

April Tuna for President

Yesterday's series-a-thon evolved into a more exclusive Popular-a-thon today. It has been election season in Uganda. Unfortunately, I've not been able to witness any of the elections for myself since the major activities took place while I was away in the US. It was student council election day on Popular today.

In an effort to teach our young students about democracy and community service, each term at the international school where I work, we hold student council elections. The student council is very active and serves as an advisory and organizing body for the school; they are the students' voice. We get some pretty amazing ideas from the children, like the design of our school's secret garden. Our student council is made up of two representatives from each class who serve for one term. There are no officers like president. However, if they are really clever, they may one day aspire to the greatness of one candidate for student council president at Jacqueline Kennedy High School, one April Tuna.

April Tuna is one of the greatest characters ever created by Ryan Murphy. She's Sue Sylvester great, and Adria Dawn is Jane Lynch amazing with her portrayal of popular-girl-aspirant Tuna.

Today was even lazier than yesterday. The power was off for most of the day--thank goodness for friends with generators one can use while house-sitting in order to charge up his dead laptop battery so that a Popular-a-thon can continue. Dinner included great conversation with an amazing person; little could have made the evening better.

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