Saturday, March 05, 2011



It's been a pretty lazy day. It started off early enough and at a good pace. I went to a friend's for a quick catch-up session over a good cup o' joe and picked up some new kicks. From there I was off to Tulifanya Gallery for the current exhibition by Collin Sekajugo. His work has a unique style; I personally like the patchwork of old jerry cans. Being the brand whore that I am, my favourite pieces of his work included the Mukwano logo on the jerry cans and Jesa milk sacks.

I cut out of there before the temptation of purchasing became too great. I exited the gallery to find two police officers beside my vehicle, claiming it was illegally parked. Truthfully, it was, but honestly, I had no idea because this is Kampala, and a reality that comes along with that is not-so-well-placed signs to indicate anything traffic related. One gift I take pride in is the talent I have of keeping my words in my mouth... especially in a confrontational situation. (Bwahahahahahaha!!!) Whatever. The woman officer asked me, "But who is going to pay the fine?" The other officer and I agreed that there would be no fine, but next time I'd be sure to park correctly.

From there it was home for a lazy series-a-thon, during which I basically left my bed for only two reasons: sustenance and... I'm sure you're bright enough to infer the other one without explicitness. Will & Grace has been a tried and true companion on days like this. I finished up season 6. Then I started season 2 of Poplular (Ryan Murphy's cancelled-to-soon gem before Glee).

A glitch in telecommunication services led to a blockage of SMS messages for a period today. I was an ass to a friend who was not responding to my messages or answering my calls. At 18:14 and 18:15, I received a flood of SMS responses. I don't know for how long I can blame jet lag for my erratic behaviour, but I'm going to milk that excuse for as long as I can. I'm still working on that patience thing. Sorry about that.

Tonight almost ended with Lynne and I getting plowed over in the parking lot outside of Il Patio. The ridiculous driver, after parking his car and while trying to light a cigarette, experienced the one gift I take pride in, the talent I have of keeping my words in my mouth... especially in a confrontational situation.

Now, it's back to Popular.

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