Monday, March 21, 2011



The internet is so slow tonight, I really cannot get much done, and that includes my blog post. Thank you Orange. I'm at home ready for be, so I cannot let my frustration explode and shower down on you as debris like I did yesterday at breakfast after running 20km and having the waitress, after telling us there was no cheese and no cream cheese, come back from the kitchen and tell us there were no eggs. Me, sticky with sweat and mud, marching into the kitchen area of a restaurant demanding to know why there are no 'effing' eggs when the restaurant is no more than 300 meteres from two 24-hour supermarkets is a sight I wish that no one ever has to witness again.

The day went by so quickly, so I guess that means I was pretty busy. It was also an eye opener to how far I have let myself get behind. My organisational skills and work ethic must improve or I might just sink.

I had a good run, about 7km. Tomorrow will be my day off. I think I'll go see a movie.

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