Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tonight Was the Night

Tonight Was the Night

Tonight was the night I was meant to be in bed early. Last night was the first night I was able to go to sleep before 2:00am since I returned to UG one week ago today; I fell asleep at 1:00am. I call that progress. Besides my lazy weekend, I've surprisingly been able to be up and at 'em on time, even able be out the door (with my computer cord in my bag, no water left boiling, iPod on person, gas switched off) early enough to leave the vehicle parked at home and walk to work (no mean feat). I was even out the door before 7:30 on Tuesday's public holiday to go for a 13km run... after returning home closer to 3:00am the night before--blame that one a Thai food, great peeps and even better conversation in Mutungo. Oh, and way too much H2O, my beverage of choice for the evening.

There is still hope that I'll make it to bed comparatively early tonight and even break my 1:00am record. Not sleeping makes one a little crazy. (Couple that with inadequate nourishment, and you get bat-shit crazy. Thank goodness my appetite is finally returning.) The main obstacle between my bed and I that I must successfully hurdle is my internet addiction. No, it's not just facebook, it's the World Wide Web in general--anything that strikes my fancy. And everyday there is more to tickle my fancy. Tonight I've been discovering new music (to me) from Tinie Tempah and Lykke Li thanks to an introduction by Rollingstone.

Tonight is still the night.

Good night!


PS: I just found out Tinie Tempah has a song with Kelly Rowland. He just got even better.

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