Wednesday, March 23, 2011



I was back in action today... perhaps too much. After quite an active day at work, I had cross country club, so that was an easy-breeze (if slightly hilly) 2.6km run with the kids. Then I talked myself out off, then into again going to the pool for 1100m. After that was a fantastic hour and a fifteen minutes of Pilates with Pascale. She's such an amazing instructor. I love her classes, and when I come back after taking time off, I wonder, "What was I thinking?" And not just because it hurts like hell to get one's core back in shape. I just feel so good during and after a workout in her class.

Strangely, I did not feel at all exhausted after these three workout; I attribute that to endorphins. Still, I think it was a bit too much and do not know what I was thinking. I have a triathlon to compete in on Sunday, I should probably be resting and carb-loading this week. Plus, I'll probably feel like a train wreck, hungover, after this natural high finally wears off.


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