Saturday, March 19, 2011

Around the World in an Hour and Fifteen Minutes

Around the World in an Hour and Fifteen Minutes

This morning, amid the drizzle of rain and coolish weather, was the francophonie run/walk organised by Alliance Francaise, as part of their celebration of International Francophone Day.

The 10km run with a friend was on the 'to do' list for today. At 6:55am, I received the following SMS on my phone: "The rain will prob go off by 8 but might not be so much fun, still very very grey here. you plans?"

My reply two minutes later: "Rain or shine! See you there!"

Her response: "You slave driver."

Despite my apprehensive running partner's prediction, it was 'so much fun'. The cool weather was such a welcomed change to the scorching heat of recent runs, and the slight drizzle was actually quite refreshing.

I really like the way the run was organised. Alliance had a gimmick; they gave each of the runners passport cards which we had stamped along the route, as they set it to pass by the embassies of different Francophone countries with representation in Uganda. First stop was the French Embassy, then the Democratic Republic of Congo, next were the Belgians, followed by the Rwandans, and we finished off with Burundi.

I took it easy on the run, not aiming for any time, just enjoying the morning and cheering on my friend because tomorrow is the big one: The 7 Hills Run. My favourite run of the year in Kampala, and it's a real ball breaker.

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Robyn said...

A ball breaker! if it rains on this one I may bail! x