Monday, March 14, 2011

Lilian and the Sundowners

Lilian and the Sundowners

To my friends it is not a secret that I'm a huge fan of Lilian Mbabazi; I've blogged at least three times in the past (1, 2, 3) of my love for the group (Blu 3) that gave her her start and earned her an audience. Now the once Coca-Cola Popstars champion is treading out on her own with a fresh new style and a new band called the Sundowners.

I had an opportunity to see the phenomenal Lilian and the Sundowners last Saturday night at Emin Pasha Hotel in Kampala. When I arrived at the hotel around 7:00pm, a mutual friend, Mimi, whisked me over to see my 'favourite superstar'. I'd not seen Lilian in months, and she looked amazing--always with a dazzling smile. Yes, I arrived at 7:00pm, the advertised starting time for the show. I've lived in Uganda long enough to know that shows never begin at the advertised time, but I was worried that I would not get a good seat if I showed up any later, plus, I've was betting on the off chance that the show would begin on time, and I did not want to miss moment of it. Lilian did not take the stage until almost 9:00pm, but I did get a fantastic seat on a lawn sofa.

I'm not going to gush and gush about Lilian's show and come off as a 17-year-old starstruck fan; I'll let some highlights of the show speak for themselves.

Sadly, I think I'm a jinx for Lilian. Unfortunately, every time I go to one of her shows, there is a problem with the sound in the beginning--even after exhaustive sound checks. This was the third time. Sorry Lilian. It's not intentional.

Oh, and I must once again express my appreciation to my fellow cook clubbers for allowing me to postpone our dinner (yet, again) on Saturday night so I would not miss Lilian's show. You guys are also superstars!

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