Wednesday, March 30, 2011



If ever a lemon of a Mac was manufactured, mine is it. The computer I type on at the moment has very little remaining from the computer that was delivered to me in April of 2009. Straight out of the box the track pad needed replacing. The next piece of hardware to go was the SuperDrive, then it was the logic board. To their credit, Apple did cover all of these repairs; it only cost me getting to an Apple store to begin with and some time lost on my computer because they had to send it off for a few days. The power cord snapped last month; luckily I was in the US as could replace that immediately. Today, my monitor bit the dust. It was not a pretty sight to see, literally.

Like a solution sent straight from the gods of Mt. Olympus, Elite Computers in downtown Kampala one again came to my rescue. The guys at Elite are like technological demigods: they find solutions that work, but do not break the bank. I fought my way downtown after school this afternoon, almost 5:00pm—rush hour—and did not have much hope for a quick, affordable solution; my Greek chorus would have been spewing out expletives. After explaining to the Elite technician my troubles and hearing his most expensive solution, I battled my way to a very reasonable price for a new screen and the labour. What a fantastic job he did!

I watch what I type now with the images appearing better than they have in long time, which leads me to suspect the previous monitor was biting the dust for a long time, building up to today.

Now all I need to do is replace the keyboard and the hard drive, and I'll have a new computer.

I'm so thankful. Hmmm... I wonder if to express my appreciation I must travel to make burnt offerings at Mt. Olympus, or if roasting goat over charcoal in Uganda will suffice.

What about rolling sushi at Angela’s?

An amazing hump day night idea!

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