Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sushi Rolls, 7 Hills, Selena Gomez, Garden Art

Sushi Rolls, 7 Hills, Selena Gomez, Garden Art

My weekend can be summarised by these eight words.

Sushi Rolls
Angela had the most amazingly fun idea to celebrate her birthday: invite friends over, provide rice, nori and other bips and bops of small-cut food to be used as filler, and let everyone roll their own sushi. Considering only one person in attendance was Japanese and had a little experience in the area of rolling, I think we all did very well. Farcical it might have been, but tasty it definitely was. And in place of birthday cake (which I'm never a big fan of), lemon bars.

7 Hills
Like ancient Rome, it is said that Kampala was originally built on 7 hills. The Kampala Hash House Harriers annually organise an approximately-20km run that summits each of these hills along the way: Kibuli, Nakasero, Old Kampala, Namirembe, Rubaga, Lubiri, and Nsambya. This was my forth year to participate. The route is a fantastic challenge, and it is one of the running events I look forward to most each year. I made my best time yet this year, very happy.

Selena Gomez
I must admit that I love her just a little bit. Why?
  • Maybe it's the fact that she love Britney Spears so much.
  • It may also have to with the quirky fun of Wizards of Waverly Place.
  • But I think it has more to do with the YouTube video of her doing Nicki Minaj.

There is a teeny bit of fascination that, if incubated, may turn into a new celebrity crush. And now that she's 18, that should not sound so creepy.

Garden Art
Another fabulous afternoon was spent in Bel's lovely garden with fantastic artwork and the amazing artists who created it. Once again, I'm appreciating the works of Anwar Nakibinge and Collin Sekajugo on my blog.

Accompanying all of this was great food and other incredible people. Few better ways exist to lounge away a Sunday afternoon.

Just one more random note...

On the episode of Project Runway I just watched tonight, Michael Kors criticised a designer (What's new?) by saying, "No woman in this world would want to intentionally make her butt look bigger." I think Mr. Kors, who is a brilliant designer, needs to broaden his world view.

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