Thursday, March 31, 2011



Today I stumbled upon two gems of my iTunes library: Hello Heartbreak (Michele Williams, Unexpected) and He About to Lose Me (Britney Spears, Femme Fatale); one semi-oldie and one very newie. Both goodies.

I've raved that Unexpected was fantastically, unexpectedly amazing. Hello Heartbreak, with

I got a strange connection to pain
I can't seem to walk away from hurt

sums up my masochistic tendencies pretty well.

Alliterately put: Femme Fatal is fantastic, fabulous and phenomenal. He About to Lose Me (bonus track on deluxe version) gives us a taste of that deep Britney voice that we love and don't get to hear so much in her recordings. Rodney Jerkin's production is smooth and not over done. I'm not in a situation at this point where the lyrics speak to me, but I love the sound of this song. I can always pretend that someone by the bar keeps staring at me, threatening the situation of the person I (hypothetically) am in a relationship with. Touching hands with someone seriously beautiful sounds like a great idea. Where are you?

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